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Daily Announcements
Elwood Elementary School
August 25-29, 2014

ECSC announces Contact Manager, a new method of adjusting telephone numbers or email addresses that receive alerts for school closings, delays, and other notifications.
Details here
Lunch Menus:
Monday - Quesadillas, Spinach, Corn, Steamed Carrots, Pineapple & Milk
Tuesday - Bosco Sticks, Green Beans, Steamed Broccoli, Oranges, Fruit & Milk
Wednesday - Popcorn Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Carrots, Peaches, Fruit & Milk
Thursday - Tenderloins, Sweet Potatoes, Baked Beans, Fruit & Milk
Friday - Grilled Cheese, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Mixed Veggies, Fruit & Milk

Bus Routes Here:
Please go here to see bus assignments!
Parents....please add your address to your child's backpack the first week of school if he/she rides the bus because sometimes we find that you have moved and the address was not changed!

Our lunch menu will be online next week. Please note the times for lunches this year:
Kindergarten - 11:15
First Grade - 11:45
Second Grade - 12:15

Our PTO will provide a FREE T-SHIRT to every child at EES! We want them to wear them during the Walk-A-Thon, on field trips, Fridays, etc.! The shirts will be blue this year! Please feel free to order more for your families! Lets show EES pride!

News from Our Nurse to Parents:
Allergies -Please send in documentation of allergies to the nurseas soon as possibleso the cafeteriawill know which students have dietary issues.A new letter from the doctor must be provided each year to the school.
Consider sending a complete set of extra clothing to keep in your child'sbackpack to use incase of spills or accidents. Pants, shorts, shirts, socks and underwear are often needed. Please mark all items with your child's name. Soiled clothing will be sent home in a plastic bag.

Fees have been approved for $80.00 for each grade level. Mrs. Heaton will begin collecting fee money in the office Monday. You may pay the entire amount or make payments. If you send a check in, please place it in a sealed envelope addressed Fees in your childs folder and it will be sent to the office. Remember, the state even expects those on free and reduced lunches to pay a portion of the fees later in the year. Thanks!

The Eight Step Process/Success Time:
We would like to let you know about the Eight Step Process that we do at school for grades K-2. Our teachers teach similar skills and every three weeks they do quick mini assessments on 2-3 of those skills to see who has mastered them, who needs practice, and who needs them re-taught. The students are then divided into groups accordingly and everyone in the building shifts to different teachers for small group re-teaching, medium practice groups and larger enrichment groups. This happens at 2:00 Monday through Thursday and it is called "Success Time". Its another great way to make sure everyone is getting what they need at EES!

Please remember to collect donations for the Walk-A-Thon. Every child will receive a free t-shirt and every child will walk for 30 minutes next Friday! We will have a blast and you are invited to join us!! We will walk and run to the beat of some fun tunes! It would be great if everyone could donate something.even if it is a small amount. Thanks for your support!

We love having you here to eat with your children! Mrs. Bradshaw is asking that you call in before 9:00 a.m. or send a note if you plan to eat with us so that we can prepare enough food! Thanks!

Family Involvement Night:
Dont forget that our first Family Involvement Night will be for KINDERGARTEN students and parentsTuesday, August 26th from 6:00 7:30 p.m. We will have lots of fun activities for the kids and some great tips for parents!! Cant wait to see you there! Other grade level involvement nights will be coming later in the year.

Students of the Week:
We will begin our Students of the Week (SOWs!) announcements this coming week! Children are nominated for the "students of the week" for many reasons..some because they are good hallway walkers, great role models for following directions, fantastic writers, fancy artists, are caring, are responsible, etc. All of our students have qualities that make them special, so please be patient if your child is not chosen right away. We have LOTS of kids in each classroom and LOTs of weeks to showcase their talents!! The SOWs will receive certificates, have their pictures on the TVs, have their names announced, will be featured on Facebook (unless you email and tell me not to) and will enjoy ICE CREAM during lunch on Friday during that week! Yes, just another way to show how EES kids ROCK!!

Writing Prompts:
Our students in grades K-2 will complete three writing prompt assessmentsduring the year to see how well they are progressing with their creative writing skills. They will have topics to write about and will be scored on rubrics. (Of course they will be doing many writing tasks daily as well.) Writing tends to be an area that our students struggle with. Please think about having journals for your children at home or other means to get them to write. They could write something and you could respond often to keep them interested. There are many ideas for writing on the Internet. Kindergarten students need lots of practice stretching words by writing the sounds they hear (and the spelling does not have to be exactly correct in the beginning). Our students are completing their first writing prompts now and will do one mid-year and one at the end of the year for data collection purposes. We often talk about reading and math, but we want to encourage you to remember WRITING as well as you work with your children at home.

ALS Challenge:
Our students learned about the ALS Challenge (Lou Gehrig's disease ice bucket challenge) this week and have helped many of us by DUMPING COLDWATER on our heads for this very good cause! Please check out our Facebook page for fun videos! We love helping them understand howimportant it isto become responsible and caring citizens!

Please spread the word to have ALL three and four year olds in Elwood sign up for preschool! If we are full then try one of the following because it helps our children prepare for kindergarten:
Head Start - 649-9905
Noah's Ark - 552-7171
YMCA - 552-9808

Math Resources:
Attached is a resource and a math blog web-site that you may be interested in with ideas for summer.Summertime is quickly approaching. We know that over the 2 - 3 month timeframe, considerable summer loss can occur.
Don't forget to LIKE us on FACEBOOK for news and cool pictures! (Look for Elwood Elementary School - the page with the school picture and a picture of one of our"hallway painted characters"onit!) I think there is another Elwood Elementary page that is not the one we use!
School Messenger:
If you did not receive a phone call or text message when we had our two-hour delay, please send in a note giving us that information so we can set you up!You will love it!

Background Checks:http://www.elwood.k12.in.us/bus-information/
Dont forget to get your background check early this year if you are going on field trips, visiting classrooms, or volunteering at school.Go to http://www.elwood.k12.in.us/volunteer-page/ to sign up for a five-year plan!

Marsh Fresh Idea Cards:
Don't forget to sign up for your Marsh Fresh Idea cards and name Elwood Elementary as the place you want your points to go!We were able to earn lots of important free items for our school last year through this program!
Visit Marsh at www.marsh.net to sign up or complete the forms we sent home!

Do you need additional assistance?
Please call 765-552-4562 to speak with Trisha Sullivan, Health Access Worker at St.Vincent Mercy Hospital if you need assistance with:
Finding a doctor
Applying for health coverage (Medicaid, HIP, Medicare, HHW)
Applying for public programs (Food Stamps, TANF, Social Security, WIC, Breast and Cervical Cancer Program) or Connections to other community resources and agencies for assistance. Health Access Workers are here to help you with all your needs. When you come into the hospital or doctor's office for services, be sure to let the staff know you are working with Trisha Sullivan. That way, we can better serve you by working together as a team to help you remove any barriers to you and your familys health.

Updateon Immunizations:
Every child (K-12) must have 2 Varicella (chickenpox vaccines) by the beginning of next school year.Please check with your family doctors or Mrs. Barr if you are not sure about your childs immunizations. You may also want to check on Hepatitis A for your little ones at home.Two doses will be recommended for for incoming kindergarten students next year and they will be required for them for the 2014-15 school year.

Don't forget to sign up for your Fresh Idea Card at Marsh
and make us your school of choice!

Internet Essentials:
Internet - Some of you were asking about the Internet Essentials program that allows parents of children on the free or reduced lunch plan to qualify for this internet program for $9.95 a month.You may also take advantage of buying a low-cost computer and receive Internet training at no additional charge.The number to call is
1-855-846-8376Hope that helps!
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